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Mar 17, 2019
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4.01 (Changes made during Season 1)
- Reduced velocity of fishing items so they don't go flying past you
- Fixed /log so it doesn't automatically rejoin
- Disabled natural monster spawns in claims
- Changed voting crates to a left click instead of right click (will re-enable them when I can monitor it)
- Made agility helmet deal small damage instead of none
- Fixed a bug with lapis at fields
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to use skills while polymorphed
- Made it so you cannot teleport to boss arenas if you have protection
- Fixed a bug that was preventing enemy of clans (the system thought we were all new players, but we've been around for a while)
- Added a small energy cost when you initially use void
- Made the bats from Swarm a little quieter
- Reduced duration of shock effect from Swarm by 20%
- Made it so Boris & Doris deal no knockback
- Increased health of Doris' cubs by 50%
- Fixed bee farming? Works for me on test but it also did before
- Reduced overall mob spawning
- Stopped bees from spawning for offline clans
- You can now only have 10 bees at a time in your territory (down from 20)
- Bees no longer spawn in the wilderness
- Added a cleanup to kill any bee that wanders out of claims
- Optimised the handheld map to only attempt to render clans within 100 blocks
- Disabled the zoom in / zoom out feature on the map
- Increased base cooldown of Grasp by 5 seconds
- Wreath now applies the cooldown again after the final stack is used
- Fixed /spawn from wilderness
- Fixed bonus durability blocks being destroyed in 1 hit by TNT
- Slightly increased legendary drop chance from bosses
- Changed the Boss teleport NPC's to have dark purple names instead of red
- Prevented some exploits related to large amount of packets on the network - causing lag
- Changed bee farming to work on a timer rather than relying on the bees.
- Limited the amount of hives each clan can have (10 + 5 per level)
- Hives take 30-60 minutes to fill with honey
- Decreased the strength of agility helmet wallkick & leap slightly
- Fixed rake on certain blocks
- Agility helmet must be out of combat for 10 seconds before using leap / wall kick
- Added extra zoom level to map
- Made it so Assassin cannot use wall kick against single blocks on the ground
- Disabled VPN's from connecting to the clans server
- Made it so you can craft netherite blocks
- Removed some lag from arctic aura
- Made riposte indicator louder and added a smoke particle
- Increased distance maps can zoom out by 30%
- Performance updates

- Increased damage gladiators take by roughly 15%
- Takedown now applies a slow regardless of whether you hit the enemy or not
- Takedown now has a larger collision radius
- If you hit an enemy with takedown, the slow is a shorter duration
- Increased base cooldown of grasp by 5 seconds

All alliances have been wiped
- Alliances are now limited by the amount of members in each clan, e.g. a 4 member clan can only ally a clan with 2 or less members

This essentially brings the max group size down to 6, rather than 15

Other examples include
- a 4 person clan can ally 2 solo clans
- a 6 person clan can not ally anybody
- a solo clan can ally a 5 man clan, or 5 solo clans, etc

- Increased price of crossbows to 3000 each
- Increased price of dwarven pickaxe to 750 fragments
- Increased price of tnt to 100,000
- Daily quests now give 5,000 coins as well
- Fixed a bug that caused bee hives to instantly fill with honey after a clan logged in the next day
- Slightly increased max time the bee hives take to fill with honey
- Hopefully fixed a bug that prevented items from voting crates from stacking with regular items moving forward
- Fixed a bug that occured when planting netherwart (hopefully)
- Added a couple more monsters to the fishing drops

- Crossbows can now only be fired once every 1.5 seconds
- Fixed a bug with rake and netherwarts
- Fixed a bug which caused items from fields not properly stacking
- Fixed a bug which caused wet sponge to still cause fall damage
- Disabled /spawn from the boss arenas

Updated the handheld map to only show the claim outlines
- Updated map to show outskirt as pink
- Added an extra zoom option to map (twice as far out as the previous max)

- Fixed a bug that caused Purifying crystal to not clear negative effects
- Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you open things while you have crops in your hand
- Also added shop and spawn markers
- Magnetic Hammer range increased by 1
- Magnetic Hammer energy cost slightly reduced
- Fixed a bug which caused glacial prison to break redstone
- Made meteor bow have infinite durability
- Once again fixed negative effects not being removed properly with Purifying crystal
- Increased cooldown of Cyclone by 4 seconds
- Fixed a bug which caused takedown to still cause after the player was dead
- Prevented sweet berry bushes from being planted outside of farming level
- Prevented placing on crying obsidian
- Fixed a bug where the suicide command would kill you after you died from another cause?

- Fixed a bug where you could kill the combat log sheep with certain abilities
- Increased fragment cost of TNT to 75 from 50
- Reduced energy regen while gliding with elytra
- Increased cooldown of Duriels Scepter from 7.5 seconds to 15 seconds

BetterPvP 1.16.1
New Class: Warlock

  • Grasp
  • Leech
  • Bloodshed
  • Blood Barrier
  • Frailty
  • Impotence
  • Soul Harvest
  • Cleanse
  • Wreath
  • Tormented Soil
  • Bloodthirst
  • Approx 2 more to come

Skill Changes
  • Optimised performance of all skills by approximately 8400%
  • Removed energy cost from cooldown skills
  • Removed Swim
  • You can now use abilities / legendaries in safe zones if you are combat tagged

  • Added Excessive Force, a sword skill that gives players 2-3 seconds of knockback. 17 - (level * 2) second cooldown

  • Removed Null Blade
  • Molten Blast now correctly applies fire to targets hit
  • Increased the strength of Cyclone (now pulls things in harder and more directly)

  • Fixed a bug that caused power chop to never apply the correct amount of bonus damage

  • Added Crossbows, which give +1 to Ranger skills when used
  • Removed Barrage (least used skill & most useless)

  • For each member above 4 total members, TNT protection is delayed by an extra 5 minutes. E.g. if you are a 4 man clan, your TNT timer is 10 minutes, but if you are an 8 man clan, your TNT timer is 30 minutes (4 x 5 = extra 20)
  • Replaced the glowstone chunk outline with sea lanterns
  • Remaining time on energy is now displayed in clan info
  • Added Clan levels which can be bought from the Fragment Vendor.
    Maximum clan level is currently 5.
    For each level, your clan unlocks an additional 4 farming layers. We will likely tie more content to this level later

  • Gave custom textures to all legendaries (except meteor bow & wings of zanzul) Previews in #updates
  • Renamed Lightning Scythe to Duriel's Scepter
  • Added Wings of Zanzul, the Elytra legendary that completes any set and allows you to glide
  • Removed durability from all legendaries
  • Slightly decreased drop rate of all legendaries from all sources
  • Dwarven pickaxe now mines a 3x3 radius
  • Slightly increased the chance of a legendary drop
  • Added the /dye command which can be used to dye wool, concrete or glass to any colour for free!

  • Added an MMR rating for each class. You earn rating by getting kills with that class, and lose it by dying with that class.
  • /rating or /rating <player> to inspect ratings This will give great balancing insights to the team, as we can compare how classes are performing against every other class
  • Additionally players can view the rating leaderboard by using /topratings or /topratings <class>

  • Added Bee farming, placing bee hives in your claim will allow up to 10 bee's to spawn in your claims
  • Added new farming blocks introduced in 1.9+ (Berries, Beetroot)

Texture Pack
  • Texture pack is forced onto all players, it removes shields, 1.9+ pvp sounds and adds legendary textures
  • All players receive invulnerability while the texture pack is loading
  • Added Netherite Sword and Axe as new weapons, known as 'Ancient' weapons.
    Each provides +1 damage, and +1 to the skill when used.
    Essentially a gold and diamond sword combined, but not purchasable or craftable.
  • Added crossbows which provides +1 to bow skills
Charles Witherton
  • Reworked the existing boss into something new and difficult. Watch your step!
Boris & Doris
  • Added Boris & Doris, the Polar Bear duo
  • Includes a new special arena
  • Created a settings command that contains all the things you might want to turn on or off. This includes any cosmetics you may have. /settings

More to come following the release of 1.16
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