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Apr 3, 2020
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Finally after all these years the ice hidden deep under the Lake has begun to melt, causing a celebration of Polar bears to wake from hibernation. These Polar bears are extremely aggressive and hostile due to having their sleep disturbed. They share a bond so strong that when they are within 15 blocks of each other they deal insane damage, so keeping them as far apart as possible would be the smart move.

Both Doris and Boris have 1000 health each and can both spawn a set of minions.
Boris is the father, he is extremely territorial and can summon snow golems to help fend off enemies from his den.
Doris is the mother, she is highly protective of her family. When dropping to around 500 health she will spawn her cubs who will passively heal her, dispose of them quickly otherwise if she regenerates to full health she will heal Boris and reset the boss fight.

The water found inside the den is below -30°C, even just the slightest step into the freezing water will cause you damage so beware!
The entire celebration of Polar bears have the ability to walk on water and can drown you if you aren't careful.

This event will be introduced with the launch of Season 1.
We are excited to hear your feedback and for you to enjoy one of the new world events we have created in preparation for 1.16, remember to register to the forums and select a region in the #roles channel on our discord to be notified for any future updates.

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